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Revealing secrets of the largely forgotten first 300 years after Jesus, when early Christians and Jews lived closely together in the Holy Land    

Eli Ofir has been researching this fascinating topic in-depth for a number of years. He’s now ready to reveal what he’s uncovered and introduce a new understanding of the deep bonds and brotherhood between early Christians and Jewish people, before the Roman Church was established. Early Christians and Jewish people used to pray in the same synagogues and celebrate holy festivals together. They lived in the same communities and often came from the same families, just with a different belief about who was the messiah. Joint faith symbols were found on many artifacts along with mesmerising findings in ancient synagogues dated to the 1st century AD. Eli will show you these findings and take you on a journey the length and breadth of the Holy Land today and then, using photos, videos and historical facts rarely if ever shown on official media channels, as well as his Holy Land Portraits, hand-drawn As-If-In-Biblical-Times.

 See Eli's interview on SKY TV, Revelation channel, on the Middle-East-Report:

 Part 1:

 Part 2:


To book the talk please email or call on 07851 791772


“…I do not know how many sermons and talks
I have heard in church, but today
I learnt more than in most of the
“…I knew what Eli had in mind to
speak about, and so was
prepared, but I am surprised how
deeply moved I am by what I have
just heard.”
“…I was surprised to learn how
orthodox Jews and followers of
The Way lived and talked and 
discussed together in the
synagogues each Sabbath,
even though I sort of knew this
from Acts. Eli brought it all
alive for me.”
Church Elders, Parkview
Chapel, Botesdale, Suffolk

“…Eli gave a very objective talk about new facts
and archaeological 
findings of Early Christian society.
It left me 
with a renewed sense of hope and possibility,
for reconciliation between faiths and peoples.”
Rev Amanda Edwards, Forest Row

“…I thought Eli’s talk was very informative,
and that it unpacked many details about
early Christianity and its relationship with
the Jewish community of the first century.
I am confident that Eli will prove both a
blessing and an inspiration as he shares
his vision and passion for God’s people
to find and love one another. I look forward to seeing his ministry

progress. Eli is also a fine artist and his portraits of the Holy Land capture the look and feel of these ancient sites in a remarkable way.”
Mark Starbuck – Senior Minister of Millbrook Christian Center, Southampton.