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Eli Ofir - I was born and raised in Jerusalem by British parents who immigrated to the Holy Land. I grew up playing and running around the narrow roads and neighborhoods of the Holy City. As a child and teenager I traveled around the country from the Galilee in the north, to the Jordan Valley, the Mediterranean Sea with its ancient harbors, the hills and creeks of the Judean desert, and the Negev desert in the south.

" The holiness of the land and the powerful energy of the holy places touched my heart deeply and attracted me to draw them. This series of Biblical portraits and scenes from my childhood memories and experiences comes as a completion and full-circle from the child to the adult artist I became. Today as a professional I still feel and experience a strong sense of holiness and spiritual energy when I draw these scenes. I hope you too will feel some of that energy and feelings when you look at my portraits."

Eli Ofir

Eli Ofir - Holy Land Portraits

In the past decade Eli Ofir’s artwork was mainly focused on drawing historical houses and landscapes of the English countryside, from the Medieval era until Late Victorian times.

Check out Eli's Home Portrait website:

Eli’s signature technique of a ‘Gentle Twist to Perspective’ attracts many art enthusiasts and historic house owners seeking his unique house and landscape portraits.His art book “Living in History” is sold worldwide as a hard copy and eBook for tablets.Eli runs a YouTube channel with video tutorials teaching some of his techniques, the channel is viewed by more than 1.3 million viewers from all over the world, mainly artists and art students.

Eli lives with his family in the Ashdown Forest, Sussex, UK where his studio is located. 

See Eli's interview on SKY TV, Revelation channel, on the Middle-East-Report:  
Part 1:  
Part 2:  

“...These Holy Land portraits come directly from deep within my heart. When I’m drawing them I get very emotional and I feel excited and humble for having the privilege and the gift to draw them. I am thankful and grateful for this gift I have received and I am very happy to pass these works of love on to whomever is touched by them. “ 


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